Ardent Concepts has released a new version of their Connect-R™ stamped contact set for LGA
and BGA connector applications & shows a substantial gain in signal integrity.

“This new shorter version of the stamped Connect-R™ exhibits some outstanding electrical characteristics”
says Gordon Vinther, President of Ardent. “With -1dB of loss through 40 GHz, we have truly developed an allmetal compression connector technology that can achieve the bandwidth of competing elastomeric solutions. The patented stamped spring contact set is a cost effective product designed for high volume compression connector applications where great signal integrity must be attained without sacrificing performance during temperature excursions.”

Connect-R™ has a mated height of 1.5mm and is ideal for high node count applications where signal integrity is vital. Available in a number of different off-the-shelf array sizes, Connect-R™ sockets and interposers can be used for BGA or LGA devices, as mezzanine connectors between PCBs, and in dozens of other stacking applications.

Ardent has fully automated manufacturing capabilities with molded/stamped solutions up to 50×50 array size at 1mm pitch. Custom Solutions are available with rapid prototyping capability.

Customers can access technical data and detailed specifications on Connect-R™ technology though the dedicated website as well as through the home page. About Ardent Concepts

Ardent Concepts designs and manufactures the most innovative high performance connector & socket solutions on the planet. Ardent’s patented products are designed to change the way engineers think about high speed interconnect. For more information, visit

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