TR IC Dev 2Engineers designing high speed electrical devices are often faced with the challenge of implementing complex solutions on small or overpopulated printed circuit boards requiring multiple individual cables and connectors to get signals off boards and out to instrumentation. Oftentimes, the testing process alone is cost-prohibitive because components need to be soldered to a board, rendering them “one-time use” only. Additionally, layout of these solder down components can be a cumbersome time-consuming process, resulting in longer lead times and increased costs. However, as important as it may be to engineers to have an easy-to-use testing solution it is paramount that the testing solution offers the highest AC performance while pushing bandwidth barriers, and ensures reliability of the finished solution.

Please join Gordon Vinther, Chief Technology Officer, from Ardent Concepts as he introduces you to the TR Multicoax series (TR20/ TR40/ TR70). High density multicoax allows engineers to develop a complete analysis of an entire system with integration to instrumentation. This eliminates the issue of lossy circuit board transmission lines and unreliable end launches. TR Multicoax series is the first solderless compression mount multicoax assembly solution with superior performance to 70 GHz. The TR Multicoax allows engineers to more easily and efficiently design and test multiple, high speed connections in a more cost effective manner.

Participants Will:

  • Learn how a solderless system eliminates signal distortion and thus it allows for clean signal integrity with high bandwidth.
  • Hear how a solderless assembly allows for connectors to be re-used, eliminating waste and allowing for a quicker and more efficient testing and design process
  • Understand how the TR Multicoax implementations utilize industry “best practices” to ensure reliable results with each mate and de-mate
  • See where the TR Multicoax can result in cost savings: from lower upfront costs to field replaceable components to tiered series offerings dependent upon customer frequency requirements
  • Review case studies of real-life successful implementations across a variety of industries

Who Should Attend:

Engineers and project managers who design and test complex, high-speed applications and solutions for semiconductor, test & measurement, military/aerospace, communication, medical, and superconducting/quantum computing markets.

DAY: Tuesday
DATE: April 26th, 2016
TIME: 2:00PM-3:00PM ET / 11:00AM-12:00PM PT

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About the Presenter

gordonWebinarGordon Vinther is President, Chief Technology Officer, and a founder of Ardent. He directs all R&D at Ardent with a focus on developing revolutionary patented connector technology enabling integrated circuit manufacturers and systems integrators to bring to market the fastest, highest performing computer systems. Ardent is committed to bringing tommorow’s multicoax solutions to market today!

Prior to starting Ardent, Gordon developed his interconnect expertise working at Everett Charles Technologies (ECT) designing custom “pogo” style interfaces, a technology which subsequently became a mainstay in the socket industry. Gordon has over twenty years of experience developing high‐performance interconnect technologies for diverse industries, including semiconductor, test & measurment, communications, and military/aerospace.

Gordon is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, holds a MBA from California State Polytechnic University-Pomona, and holds 19 patents, with more US and foreign patents pending.