IC Footprint Probe

Faster Signal Path Probing at Tighter Densities

Ardent’s ICFP offers 50 ohm access to IC contact pads and signal paths on an IC circuit footprint, this solution is a simple to manipulate, cost effective and time saving alternative to expensive X-Y tables and fragile planar probes for Engineers who may need to probe multiple signals at once.

With ICFP technology, test engineers and reference design engineers can implement the shortest, fastest, compression mount connector technology on the planet to probe multiple signals simultaneously.

Key Benefits


- 40 Ghz+
- Less expensive and more robust than planar probes
- Quicker and easier probing through guided alignment

Density & Flexibility

- 0.8 mm and 1.0 mm pitches for industry standard IC packages.

Compression mount

- Pure vertical interface - no offset required
- Cost Savings
- No more breaking of fragile planar probes

Ardent can design a custom ICFP for your specific probing application with models and electrical data customized to your system.