TR-4x1Ardent Concepts has announced the availability of a new 4 channel version of the patented TR ganged multicoax cable connectors for high speed digital and RF test and measurement. TR from Ardent Concepts replaces SMAs and SMPs, and is fully reusable across boards and across programs.  It is a compression mount (solderless) cable connector assembly designed to provide the lowest loss interface between multiple lanes of  high speed integrated circuits and instrumentation.

“The 4 Channel TR provides the same high standard of electrical performance as our standard TR offerings – the interface to the board is identical,” said Craig Weich, VP Business Development at Ardent Concepts. “We developed the 4 channel in conjunction with strategic customers to satisfy two specific use cases,” Weich continued. “In the first case, the need was to take the maximum number of signals off the board in a highly constrained area. The 4 channel TR is designed so that it can be mounted on the top and bottom of the board – they attach to each other. Our other customer wanted an additional option to the higher channel count TRs they were already using – something that would enable them to maintain design flexibility on the board while also achieving their test and measurement objectives.”

The 4 Channel TR is available now, with a variety of connectors (A/K/V) to match your frequency requirements from 20GHz to 50GHz+, cable lengths from 3″ to 36″, and cable to cable phase matching to +/- 1 ps.