Amphenol Ardent Concepts has released QSFP DD 800G (p/n PHI-SI-QSFP-DD-HCB-A4-32-2) and OSFP 800G (p/n PHI-SI-OSFP-HCB-A4-32-2) Host Compliance Test Fixtures (HCTF) for 800G system and component development in technical collaboration with host/module compliance board manufacturing expert PHY-SI LLC. Utilizing Amphenol Ardent’s patented TR MulticoaxTM interface technology, proven in semiconductor and datacenter component development globally, our QSFP DD 800G and OSFP 800G Host Compliance Test Fixtures allow engineers to develop and characterize systems and devices using these cutting-edge high-speed ports and connectors. Ideal for 800G systems, users can easily characterize all high-speed lines in a simple to use form factor. Sam Kocsis, Director of Standards and Technology, Amphenol ICC said, “The HCTF brings to market a new option for testing 8-lane Medium Dependent Interfaces (MDI), like OSFP and QSFP DD, with a single test fixture. The thoughtful design uses a custom implementation of Ardent’s patented interface while leveraging the deep experience of Amphenol’s copper cable products to create a mechanically robust solution. Each lane is carefully matched through a combination of both coax and PCB structures to ensure that the insertion loss and skew are constant for the entire unit. The consistency of the electrical performance across every single lane of the port really sets this product apart from the alternatives.”

The test fixtures are designed to meet IEEE 802.3ck and OIF CEI-112G-VSR test fixture specifications requiring extremely low insertion loss on all 16 differential pairs not practically achievable in PCB structures.

As per lane signal speeds and lane counts increased, fabrication of these boards has hit a performance ceiling even with the latest high end printed circuit board materials. “As the race for developers to bring 800G systems to market intensifies, it has become evident that traditional host/module compliance printed circuit boards are struggling to meet the loss specifications laid out by standards organizations. Our ganged TR Multicoax interface and cable solution provided a natural fit to solve the signal integrity road-blocks of these existing legacy products. By mounting directly to PCB without solder in a dense form-factor, we’ve been able to eliminate much of the loss inherent in host compliance boards of pluggable products. Pair that with an extremely dense form factor that lets users access all lanes of a QSFP DD 800G or OSFP 800G, and we knew we had a unique offering,” said Amphenol Ardent Product Manager, Stephen Cristaldi.

Ardent’s development of these products came alongside critical input and expertise from industry leader PHY-SI LLC, who Ardent has channel partnered with to bring the HCTFs to market. PHY-SI, for over 18 years, has been dedicated to the development of high-speed communication QSFP28/QSFP56(zQSFP+), SFP28/SFP56(zSFP)+, OSFP56/800, and QSFP-DD56/800 host compliance boards (HCB) and module compliance boards (MCB) for 802.3bj (100GBASE-CR4),802.3by (50GBASE-CR), 802.3cd (50GBASE-CR,100BASE-CR2 and 200GBASE-CR4), 802.3ck (100GBASE-CR1,200BASE-CR2 and 400GBASE-CR4), 802.3bm and 802.3bs. PHY-SI developers are participants and contributors to the IEEE communication standards and understand the complexity of the test compliance fixtures and the accuracy required to meet the standards and specifications.

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Amphenol Ardent Concepts, Inc. is a division of Amphenol Corporation, one of the world’s largest designers, manufacturers and marketers of electrical, electronic and fiber optic connectors and interconnect systems, antennas, sensors and sensor-based products and coaxial and high-speed specialty cable. Amphenol Ardent Concepts is a leading designer and manufacturer of high performance multicoax and twinax assemblies, probes, connectors, and sockets used in the development of next generation semiconductors and electronics systems. Our core technology is the smallest, fastest, most electrically efficient compression mount connector technology worldwide. It is used to connect integrated circuits and printed circuit boards to instrumentation and to each other offering superior signal integrity in a high speed environment. Markets for our products include: Semiconductor, Test & Measurement, Military/Aerospace, Communications and Medical.


PHY-SI produces high speed test fixtures for generations of small form-factor pluggables and the team has over 30 years of experience in the telecommunication industry playing an active role in the development of a number of telecommunication industry standards such as IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.24 and TIA-TR42. PHY-SI’s founder Chris Diminico is a member of IEEE 802.3ck editorial team, task group chair 802.24.2 IoT Task Group, task group chair TIA/TR42.7 single pair Ethernet field testing, and IEEE 802.3 liaison to TIA-TR42.