Press release date: July 29, 2013


Ardent Concepts has announced the availability of several new configurations of the TR™ line of ganged, multi-coax cable launch connectors for higher data rate applications.

“Many of our customers are pushing the density and signal integrity boundaries of connectors for high speed digital and RF like never before,” says Gordon Vinther, President of Ardent Concepts. “To better meet the needs of high data rate test requirements for semiconductor development in applications such as high speed SerDes, we have created a range of new TR™ part numbers with 2.92mm K type and 1.85mm V type coaxial connectors. These connectors mount on a tiny PCB footprint, allowing designers to get closer to the DUT than ever before with coaxial termination for up to 24 channels. The new versions of TR™ are ideal for mating to the latest generation of high performance network analyzers and other test instruments.”

With a usable bandwidth out to 40 GHz and beyond, Ardent TR™ compression mount connectors come in X8, X12, X16 and X24 configurations on as tight as .10″ (2.54mm) pitch. TR™ connectors allow test engineers to gang up multiple lanes of high speed access points in a very dense, ultra-small footprint on the test board very close to the device. The compression style system of TR eliminates the need for solder down connectors and can be used to replace traditional SMKs and SMPs, dramatically reducing the test point real estate required for higher data rate applications and significantly improving ease of use and re-usability of connectors from program to program.

About Ardent

Ardent is committed to making the smallest, fastest, all-metal compression mount connector technology on the planet. We use our patented technology to design signal integrity connectors which enable semiconductor manufacturers and systems integrators around the world in the development of next generation computing systems.

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