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Ardent Concepts is a leading designer and manufacturer of high performance multicoax and coaxial assemblies, connectors, and sockets used in the development of next generation semiconductors and electronics systems. Our core technology is the smallest, fastest, most electrically efficient compression mount connector technology worldwide. As data rate requirements increase and devices and systems shrink, Ardent’s products deliver superior signal integrity in a dense footprint that can be reusable across programs to maximize cost savings.
High Speed Cable Assemblies

High Speed Cable Assemblies

TR™ Multicoax delivers superior signal integrity from multiple high speed analog or digital channels up to 90 GHz+

Multi-GHZ Connectors

Multi-GHz Connectors

Scalable, custom connectors available in a variety of form factors for next generation electronics systems

High Performance Sockets

High Performance Sockets

Durable 40 GHz+ socket solutions offer low loss connection in a dense form factor for high performing devices

Host Compliance Test Fixtures

Host Compliance Test Fixtures

Ideal for 400G and 800G systems, users can easily characterize all high speed lines in a simple to use form factor

The Benefits of TR Multicoax

Benefits of TR Multicoax Venn Diagram

Signal Integrity:

Ardent’s interconnect technology was born of a simple concept; What if we could eliminate the barrel and the plunger from a traditional “pogo” style spring pin and make the spring inside behave like an electrical contact instead of behaving like an inductor at multi-GHz speeds?


Our products are all based on solderless compression mount technology enabling more reliable and electrically repeatable performance over time and across programs. Our solderless compression products allow our customers to be agile in changing their designs without having to scrap entire projects and printed circuit boards with components soldered to the board. This leads to enhanced flexibility and cost savings.


Contacts can be arranged in pitches down to 0.4mm (grid array) and 2.54mm signal-to-signal (coaxial array) to scale up the number of lanes in any system.

Mechanical Reliability

Mil-Spec qualified and rated for thousands of cycles in the harshest environments, Ardent’s patented technologies are production proven with over 20 years of field use for test and measurement and OEM interconnect.

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